Wednesday, 14 December 2011

i love you T.T

. sayangggg .. you ruined everythinggg ! 
saya takk pecayee awakk buat macam nie kat saya .. T.T
thanx to 'him' who told me about that ..
and now i can make a clear decision .. not really clear actually ..
i've got to settled it down with you ..
kalau i diam u diam sampaii bile nak macam nie ???
i think everythingg is change on 27november2011
you TOTALLY changed ! since that day T.T
yaaa .. i know it's not good for a girl with that kind of behaviour ..
i janji da kann i takk buat dahhh ..
and you kata yaa .. you akan support i ..
i takpenah nampakk you dissapointed sampaii macam tu skali ..
and yaa .. i akan stop becouse of you !
tapi kalau you buat i macam nie ..
macam mana ?? T.T
you're the only reason i changed ..'
you nak i jadi feminin sikit kann ??
yaa .. i would try my best .. T.T
tapi kalau you left me alone macam nie ..
i takk kuat laa zul ! T.T
you driving me mad you tau takk !
bile i alone .. for sure i mesti teringad you ..
then .. menangiss ..
 i penatt laa macam nie ..
and today .. i've gathered all of my strenght to end up all this thingg ...

. i can't stand anymore ..
thanx zul buat i macam nie ..
spatutnyee kalau u da takk suke cakappp ..
if i ade buat salah bincangg ..
tapi u diam macam nie ..
buat i macam takk wujud ..
tanak amek tau pasal i dahh ..
i taktauu ape masaalah u ..
i taknak susahkann u dahh ..
kite break je laa ..
thanx for all u have done selame 6 bulan nie ..
thanxx sebab dah treat i baekk gile ..
u tak penahh marahh i ..
thanx sngad sngad ...
i'm gonna miss u ..
byee :')

yaa .. that's what i told him .. :')
tu pun taktuu laa dea reply ke takk T.T
it's good when you have a friends who really understand and go into your problems ..
thanxx kawann :)

fatin sharina

                    and nur hanie roslan ..

thanx koranggg sebab paham akuu :')
back to our topic .. 
and now .. i tunggu respon dari you ..
kalau nothingg .. means you agreed and i'm going SINGLE again :')